Meet Dapper Don

Dapper Don's Foxtrot



Dapper Don the Dancer
Told me the other day
Of a confusing dilemma
That refuses to go away.

As a fox, he’s snappily clever,
With moves smooth and fleet,
So when he’s giving lessons,
He sweeps ladies off their feet.

At the swing, Don is a master;
His jive is mesmerizing;
His quick-step’s even faster,
And his salsa hotly surprising.

His waltz is totally tidal
With a pull that rivals the moon,
Making ladies feel alive and vital,
Swirling them into a swoon.

With swaying hips in the cha-cha
His flying feet fairly hover,

dapper don

While his electric cucaracha
Is 100% Latin lover.

Don slinks a sultry bolero,
Dips and dives in his torchy tango;
He’s a dervish at the devilish mambo,
Lighting sparks with a flirty fandango.

“That’s why it’s so curious,”
He sadly said to me,
“I try not to get upset or furious
But it’s humiliating, you see.

“My students notice how I bumble…
I have to tell them that I cannot…
I trip, stumble, and fumble…
But I just can’t do the foxtrot!

“Don’t laugh, I know it’s not normal
As a master of ballroom dance
To have no foxtrot, the natural
Choreography of romance.”

“You’re smart!” I wisely advised,
“Instead of being annoyed,
You have rightly realized
That your skill-set has a small void.”

“I agree that nature is cruel,
You can’t do everything perfectly;
Just hire for the Dapper Don School
Someone who can foxtrot expertly.”

He searched for the perfect instructor
And when he finally got her,
Was so besotted he had to conduct her
Down the aisle, his soulmate fox-trotter.

Don and Dawn these days are thriving—
The school is swingingly busy,
What at night with the cubs they are jiving
In fun family conga line tizzy!