Let's Have a Bite

A Banquet of Beastly Rhymes

This second book of verse from Robert L. Forbes is filled with more delightful poems about his animal friends, but these are not ordinary critters by a long shot.

Here’s Bad Andy Bear who is so clumsy that she tramples the clover and tips over the honey. Come and see how she finds a solution to her problem after she chases some campers.

How does a new family of baby geese find out how to swim? Join their first lesson.

The Chocolate Bunny finds a new way to stay popular at Ye Olde Candy Shoppe, while a monkey in Fiji named Gigi ruins the golf of a group of dogs on holiday.

There’s plenty of fun here, and laughs galore. The whimsical drawings by Ronald Searle are absolute perfection in their details and interpretation of the witty poetry. As the author says when he reads to groups of children at schools and libraries, it is all about imagination.

There is imagination wildly at work throughout the book, and maybe it will inspire you too to dig into yours and see what’s inside.

So join the beastly action and find out why this second book is bound to be as well-liked as the first, BEASTLY FEASTS! A Mischievous Menagerie in Rhyme.

Oh, yes – so glad you asked. Indeed, there is that same small furry little fellow in each drawing. Take a look and see how sharp you are. Good luck finding him!