Common Core Standards for Bob’s Books

To Educators:

Welcome, and I am pleased to share this document with you. Briefly, this was prepared for the Palm Beach County Board of Education (FL) in the spring of 2013 and was needed in order for area schools to be able to send students to the exhibition that is described, Illustrating Words, at The Society of the Four Arts Children’s Library, in Palm Beach.

In it are listed many Common Core standards that are met by the exhibition, in both language arts, writing and art, for K through 12th grades. Teachers are thrilled to be able to take a field trip to the Library, with pre- and post-visit suggestions as well for fulfilling the standards in imaginative and creative ways.

While it would be a privilege to have you visit this exhibition of poems from my books and the original Ronald Searle drawings for them,I realize that may not be possible, so I thought you might find this manual helpful in teaching and discussing poetry.

I am always open to your thoughts on it!

Common Core Standards by Robert Forbes (PDF)