Beast Friends Forever

Animal Lovers in Rhyme

Are you ever in for a treat, and a beastly one at that. At last here is Robert L. Forbes again, this time with all the romantic poems you have been waiting for.

Love fills the air as the two parakeets Honey and Sweets find themselves in the same blissful cage. But will they make any noise?

How does Babette the Skunk do it? How does she mix up those flowers and herbs in a potion that floridly stirs up torrid emotion so that her popular perfume, In-d-Scent, is sure to bowl over any white striped gent?

Follow Bugsy Seagull as he flees the sand and noise and soggy French fries of Cape Cod for a more peaceful place in the forest – and who he meets there.

A rock star pig named Squig seems to have it all: lots of fans and lots of swishy hair, but he needs something more: is it really a special someone he’s looking for?

In this third volume of animal-based poetry, Forbes has delightfully worked with Master Caricaturist Ronald Searle to create this book dedicated to the proposition that love conquers all.

And it will conquer you as soon as you start reading these clever and surprising rhymes.