Bob’s Poetry

I write lots of other poems, so here are a few you may enjoy. Stop back often as I will share more as we go along.

On a Cloudy Day


The sun comes up, I’m glad to say
And makes me happy it does each day.
Yes, it comes up, but not always out.
The clouds can stifle its sparkling shout

Clouds can have rain
Or be full of snow
Or help the fog cover
The ground down below.

So be patient, my friend,
The sun will soon be
Out of the clouds for us to see,
Full, bright and beaming for you and for me.

A Birthday Cheer


Blessings on your body,
Joy to your soul,
Which this moment years ago
Were less than one day old.

Many Happy Birthdays
You’ve had ‘tween now and then.
So here’s a gleeful cheer to you
For another’s come round again.