Meet The Rhinosaurus

The Rhinosaurus

From Beastly Feasts!


When you feel the earth shake, at the drive-through zoo,
Better take a look around, he might be after you.
Not only is he enormous, he’s also very fast—
He is the Rhinosaurus, a beastie from the past.

(Some grown-ups use a different name, insisting on Rhinoceros,
But you’ll agree it’s not quite right; for us, it’s way too serious.)
You must pay careful attention, because he’ll cleverly hide
By a bush—then WHAM!—a push! Your car is on its side!

He pokes his horn to pull you out and chase you all around,
And with a BAM!—he stomps the ground to make sure you fall down.
He picks you up then by your belt to toss you in the air!
When you descend, avoid his horn; it hurts to land right there.
It’s fun to sit upon his back but Rhino hates a rider,

So he’ll bounce to get you off, though soon gets tired and tired-er!
Quick! Slide off! Now run back home and snuggle into bed,
And let me read you stories, my precious sleepyhead.
But wait! The rumble! Oh my goodness! Look who’s coming toward us!

He’s back! He’s mad! He’s got you now! The beastie Rhinosaurus!